If astrology works, it shows us something important about the pattern logic of the cosmos. We can learn this language and learn to better listen to and express ourselves through it, and in so doing re-enchant the world. We explore this thoroughly as a community on Patreon, where I teach astrology basics and we match them to an enchanted praxis.

Astro Basics

Patrons get access to astro basics lessons, covering signs, houses, planets, and aspects. We also touch on greater and practical implications of these ideas. Check out this clip of me talking about Aquarius:

Electional Astrology

In addition to astro basics and practical enchantment ideas, patrons  on this tier also receive a monthly written report which provides each day's most auspicious moment, so as to achieve best possible outcomes in everyday tasks such as sending important emails, signing documents, or sending a risky text to someone cute. Also included  are times to avoid, in order to dodge unnecessary conflicts and obstacles.