Natal Chart Consultation

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A natal chart reading is a 30 or 60 minute zoom call. We'll talk about the star alignments of the day of your birth, what implications that has on your life today, and  some strategies for optimizing your approach.


We can assess talents, weaknesses, upcoming challenges or blessings, and how to work with it. If you like, we can also ask the tarot for insight about your circumstances.



Newborn Chart Interpretation

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An astrology reading for a new baby can help us get to know and care for this new person better, as well as serving as a tool to contextualize turning points along the way. This is a written interpretation which can be referenced throughout the life, a valuable aid for maintaining perspective.

* After purchasing this service, please send an email to with the time, date, and location of birth.  Please include the name under which you paid for easy reference. *


Electional Astrology

Personal election, for major undertakings

An important venture which starts at an auspicious time is more likely to succeed; I will provide you a few best options for opportune dates and times which are specific to your circumstance.


We'll chat briefly about the thing you're beginning; this might be a wedding, a business or website launch, an album release, signing a deed or legal document, a major purchase, etc; following this conversation I'll survey the upcoming timescape and we'll chat another time about your best options.


Monthly Electional Report

A day-by-day rundown of astrologically auspicious times to launch projects and products, send important emails, create influential social media content, and more. Give yourself the cutting edge advantage of timing!